How it all started in 2014...

For the last years, Lukas has had the wish and the motivation to do volunteer work with children in Africa. A documentation finally raised his attention for Uganda and especially for the problems of the Ugandan children. He told his sister Sophie about his idea to engage in volunteer work. She got really excited with regard to her brother`s wish and together they started planning from November 2013 their stay for the summer 2014.


Frankfurt - Dubai - Entebbe: End of July 2014 was finally the date to start their special tour and with it their voluntary work in the orphanage / Primary School Good Samaritan Orpanage Center in Entebbe on the shores of Lake Victoria. Sophie has been working four weeks at the school, while Lukas extended his stay for another month in Uganda and also his work in the school.


After a few days after their arrival, it was perfectly clear to them that this stay and especially the children will make a massive impression on them and that this will change their lifes. Both started to feel more and more responsible for the children`s fortunes and the idea to establish their own organisation back in Germany started to grow...


When Lukas was also back to Germany in October 2014, their first ideas were made into something real: a non-profit organisation to support the orphans! With the absolute love of their family and friends, Sophie and Lukas could establish their NGO named Kisoboka in the end of 2014!

Kisoboka means in the Ugandan language Luganda - one of more than 40 regional languages - It is possible. 

This expression describes both our mission as organisation and also our inner belief that many things are possible if we only try and believe in the oppurtunities of our young organization. 

So far, our experiences in Uganda have made us believe that we must speak up persistantly and very motivated for our goals. With this in mind... » a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step « (Lao-tzu)

The team of Kisoboka e.V.

The 7 founding members are:


  • Lukas Schäfer
  • Sophie Schäfer
  • Carina Schäfer
  • Viktoria Schäfer
  • Thomas Schäfer
  • Denise Hübsch
  • Fabian Engel


The board consists of the following members:


  • First chairman: Lukas Schäfer
  • Second chairman: Sophie Schäfer
  • Treasurer: Carina Schäfer
  • Secretary: Viktoria Schäfer
f.l.t.r.: Lukas Schäfer, Carina Schäfer, Viktoria Schäfer, Sophie Schäfer
f.l.t.r.: Lukas Schäfer, Carina Schäfer, Viktoria Schäfer, Sophie Schäfer