Together for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda

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Our dream: The kindergarten


Many bricks build a house: to make our vision

of the kindergarten come true, we need YOU!


Engage! Build it with us! Be a part of Kisoboka!





We are back in Uganda really soon and so excited! For updates from the ground, follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

Family Day at the "Hasborner Kirmes"





It was a great event! THANK YOU for being with us today.



Live interview at

On the 20th of July, we were at for a live talk!

Find here the link for the video:

We were at Radio Salü

Throwback summer fair

Thanks to everyone for their support and also to everyone who came by to eat our wraps!

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We finally have a new logo! It took us a little while, but we are really satisfied with the result! The colors reflect the Ugandan everyday world: a rich green for the contrasting variety of the Ugandan flora and a vibrant warm reddish brown for the omnipresent color of the soil.

These two colors capture our Uganda!


Who we are...

Kisoboka e.V. is a non-profit organisation that has been founded in November 2014 to provide a better future for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.


Our purpose is the long-term and integrated encouragement, education and care of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. We want to emphasize particularly the improvement of their quality of living and living conditions together with educational learning.


Our organisation works selflessly and does not pursue own economical purposes.

Annual overview of finances

Dec. 2014 & 2015
Finances December 2014 & 2015.pdf
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Finances 2016.pdf
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Finances 2017.pdf
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