Meals for the children

With the financial support of Kisoboka e.V., the children could be served a warm lunch and the nursery section will be served the breakfast porridge at school since February 2015 and they didn`t have to stay hungry anymore!


Thanks to all supporters who made this possible!

Salaries for the teachers

Kisoboka e.V. made the decision in spring 2015 to pay the qualified teachers with certificates. So, we started paying the Directress, the Headteacher, our project coordinator Mike Ogwal as well as during our support in 2016 4 more teachers.

Until the end of 2016, these teachers have been paid by Kisoboka e.V. as part of the monthly support for the school.

Fencing the school in spring 2015

Since 2014, we knew that the Good Samaritan Orphanage Center urgently needs a fence. Together with Mike and Mrs. Namakula, we decided to go on this project. It was really helpful that Mike already found out where to buy the materials and he also knew roughly the prices. We bought the 40 concrete posts in a factory close to Kampala. We got the rest of the needed materials - like the 80 meters of fence, the cement bags and things like binding wire - in  a little shop close to the orphanage. Furthermore, we got the gate from another shop in Entebbe, Kitoro. Mrs. Namakula organized the two workers for installing the fence and they did a great job - without them, fencing would have been impossible! All workings were done right before we had to leave Uganda again!

Project report March/April 2015

Project report spring 2015.pdf
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New school uniforms Sept./Oct. 2015

We knew about the problem of not having proper uniforms at the school since last year. The school really needs new uniforms that will be provided to the students as long as they attend school at GS. In Uganda, a school uniform has a huge symbolic impact as it shows that they are part of this school. If a school cannot supply uniforms because of lacking monetary support, its student will suffer because of this.

The "Globus-Stiftung" made it possible with their donation to adress this issue. We could hire 4 seamsters from the local community that would sew the new uniforms and one woman that would be taking care of the badges for the school logo. After being in Kampala for buying all the needed materials, they could start working at the school. So, the new uniforms were produced step by step and we could see the work in progress. The seamsters did a great job and it was an incredible feeling when we introduced the uniforms to the children. They were so proud, so happy and so thankful! The image of the school has been enhanced again!

Project Renovation March/April 2016

The school has been painted from the inside (all classrooms and the sleeping room) and the outside. Additionally, the sleeping room has been equipped with new mattrasses, new blankets and new bedsheets. We also got new cookware and plates/cups for the children`s meal.

50 new uniforms have been tailored (besides the 100 ones we got in fall 2015) with regard to the increased amount of students at the school.

Project report March/April 2016

Report of our Uganda trip in spring of 2016
Project report_March and April 2016.pdf
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Renovation of the forcourt Sept./Oct. 2016

The old forecourt which was basically just soil got straightened and we imroved it with stones and cement. Now the forecourt is not flooded anymore when there is heavy rainfall! We also constructed a channel so that the water can flow away smoothly. Furthermore, children can play there again much better then before!