End of support by December 2016

Kisoboka organisation terminated the cooperation with the Good Samaritan School by the end of 2016. The school's administration tried to get influence on the finances of Kisoboka organisation in Uganda. Unfortunately they insisted on it vehemently. This new approach of the administration was not anymore compatible with our original agreements - they questioned them. These developments finally lead to a breach of confidence and there was no alternative than to end the cooperation.

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The orphanage "Good Samaritan Orphanage Center" in Entebbe

The orphanage is located in the Nakiwogo district in Entebbe and also serves as a private primary School (P1 - P7) and kindergarten.


It was not possible to define the exact number of students at the school as their quantity varied from term to term during our support. The school had around 100 to 150 students.


About 35 orphans were living permanently at the schools. The remaining children (orphans and vulnerable children) were living with guardians or with distant relatives.