Our kindergarten construction

Week 1:

Foundation construction: A lot has already happened since our ground-breaking ceremony on 17th of September. Our 20 construction workers began by digging out the foundations for the kitchen wing and concreting and bricking them up.

This wing will also serve as accommodation and office during the construction process. During the week, the foundations will be compacted several times so that the building cannot sink. As soon as the compaction work has been completed, the floor slab will be started.

The foundations of the main building have also been excavated and will be concreted this week. If the weather continues to be as good as before, work on the plinth wall can also begin there.

Week 2:

We completed the plinth walling on the main house and we filled the pillars with concrete at this height. At the bottom comes first the concrete blinding and then the plinth walling.

Now we want to fill the earth back in and make it compatible!

Regarding the kitchen area, you can easily spot the progress: The walls are bricked and the ring beam was poured and cast with concrete. That has to harden now for a couple of days and then we'll go on with the roof.

Week 3:

Best crew in week 3: This past week has been all about preparing for the concrete slab at our main construction site. The foundation has been compacted with both the soil as well as stones so it‘s ready for the iron mesh to be put on top.

The last step will be pouring the concrete slab within this week.

In the meantime, we also started on the preliminary work for our sanitary facilities

Week 4:

We casted the concrete for our ground floor slap which is now setting. Also we installed our power line. Afterwards we fooled around in our water tanks!

Week 5:

Our team grew bigger again!

The walling on the main building started and is almost finished so that the outlines of these rooms are already visible.

In the meantime, the roofing on the kitchen block has also started and our dog Peperoni finally moved in.

Week 6:

Happy to introduce the construction supervision team- our engineer Bonney, board members Lukas, Vicky and Sophie as well as project coordinator Mike.

This past week, the walling on the ground level got finished  and we are now waiting for them to dry completely so the colums can be casted!

Also, the roofing on the kitchen is now complete.

Week 7:

Casting of the columns complete!

All our 24 supporting columns are now casted and first need to dry completely so we can get started on our first floor.

This gives us a couple of days to just sit down and enjoy the view of our site!

Week 8 & 9:

The past two weeks, it was all about preparing for the first floor! First, we removed the formwork on the columns and after that, started to set up the wooden poles to support the slab that will be casted soon. Fun Fact: each of the rooms will have around 45 eucalyptus poles supporting the slab.

Week 10:

After all rooms had been equipped with the eucalyptus poles, the formwork could be started. We are almost finished with that, too. Also the iron works could start which will provide additional stability. Soon, we can continue with the concrete work!

Week 11:

 We were able to finish the woodwork and lay the foil. Also the ductwork was done by the electrician. The maxpans were brought up and at the same time, we took care of the iron works.

Week 12:

The slab is casted! We‘re ready for christmas break as the concrete has to set for some time before resuming work.

Christmas party:

We had a suprise visit from Santa Claus while celebrating our christmas party and the success of this past year.

We celebrated by having an amazing lunch with our workers and surprising them with our matching Kisoboka shirts.   

The whole team of Kisoboka wishes you and your families a very merry christmas season and a great start into the new year as we are also taking a break to spend time with our loved ones. We are very happy and thankful for all your donations, endless support and for simply believing in us- it really is possible! So please spread love & kindness this season.

Week 13:

We‘re back & standing on our first floor! Week 13 of construction has been all about setting and building the walls for the first floor. As you can see, we are all more than happy to be back on site and to be working again.