Our kindergarten project in 2021


Week 52:

After returning back from Germany, the team is back to finalise construction.

That means finale coats of paint, cleaning & 1000 more little details.

Happy & grateful to be back!

Week 53:

After resuming work in January, we could not be happier with how the final touches are coming together. So grateful for our team & the happy vibes in our colorful rooms!

Week 54:

Come on in & take a peak at our future home!

Sitting in between our own walls, dreaming of where to put our furniture.

Super excited to have a space for us and our volunteers to stay within the building!

Week 55:

"Color your dreams“, they say. So that‘s what we do- literally! Coloring our dream kindergarten.

Having finished the last coats on all the rooms on the inside, last week we focused on finalizing the outside paint of the buildings.

Next week, the scaffold will go away and we can finally enjoy the whole precious building.

Week 56:

Our emotions finally seeing our Kindergarten without the scaffold after 7 months: 🤓🥳😎🥰🥺🤯🙀💃🏼🕺🏾🎊.
So, it is finally gone: the eucalyptus scaffold around the building, which was used during construction and to paint the outside.
Kind of weird seeing it without it, right?
But this means one more step closer to being completely finished and we are just so excited for every progress we see.

Week 57:

Let’s talk bathrooms: After cleaning the bathrooms - which is quite time consuming and sweaty in Uganda‘s heat - it is now time to prep for the accessories to come in to make our bathrooms super cozy.

So... it’s time for heavy duty drilling. That means drilling holes to put up towels, soap dispensers and more.

Big thank you to our generous sponsor of the drilling machine which were brought to Kasanje by fellow Kisoboka members.

Week 58:

It‘s all about the perspective:

Engineer Bonney & project leader Lukas say hi  from our attic.

For easy access to our water tanks stored under the roof, we installed a trap door which links to one of the main bathrooms.

This can of course also be used to hide one in a while, which Lukas & Bonney clearly did here.


In the mean time, the security house is being build and we are making great progress here. Due to intense rainy seasons, we decided to reinforce the wall surrounding our property for extra safety and improved water drainage.

Week 59:

 Meet the team:

 - Nelson, our security guard and gardener takes care of all things on site. From harvesting our vegetables to making sure everyone and everything is save inside.

- Bonney, our engineer has been with us from day one of construction and is always up for a funny joke. His expertise has made the construction go super smooth.

- Lukas, our supervisor and first chairman of the NGO has been living in Uganda since 2019. As a studied social worker and specialized in early childhood education, he will be the main trainer for our future employees.

- Doreen, our newest addition to the team, studied social work and administration at Makerere University, Kampala. We are more than happy to welcome her into the team and share our values and beliefs on early childhood education.

Week 60:

Over the past weeks, we have been more quiet on social media due to many projects keeping us busy.
From ordering furniture over re-stabilizing the perimeter wall to making our windows rain and storm proof - we‘ve been running around like crazy.

So we are even more grateful for the moments we get to spend with the team - and the doggos of course.

Week 61:

Oh how we love to see progress:

Last week, we received the first furniture which we had custom made by a local carpenter. Furniture for the multi purpose room, one of the group rooms as well as the entrance and office now have their place in our kindergarten.

We are overly excited to continue the process and choose colorful pillows, carpets and curtains to make it even more cozy.

We also had canopies installed on the windows facing the weather side to protect the inside from heavy rainstorms.

Slowly but surely, everything is coming together!

Week 62:

Excitement Level: 100000!

After a long process, we finally got our license to operate as a educational facility in Uganda.

This means that we are now officially registered as „Kisoboka International Education Center“.

A huge thank you goes out to our lawyer & friend Eliab who helped us with his expertise and guided us through the process.

SO excited to welcome the first group of children into our kindergarten and make visions and dreams come true!

Week 30.11.2021:

Time to decorate! We are currently focusing on making the rooms cozy for our first group of children.

Engineer Bonney & chairman Lukas are more than happy to have more helping hands from our german NGO in Uganda.