Our kindergarten construction: Sept. 2019 -12/2020


Week 1:

Foundation construction: A lot has already happened since our ground-breaking ceremony on 17th of September. Our 20 construction workers began by digging out the foundations for the kitchen wing and concreting and bricking them up.

This wing will also serve as accommodation and office during the construction process. During the week, the foundations will be compacted several times so that the building cannot sink. As soon as the compaction work has been completed, the floor slab will be started.

The foundations of the main building have also been excavated and will be concreted this week. If the weather continues to be as good as before, work on the plinth wall can also begin there.

Week 2:

We completed the plinth walling on the main house and we filled the pillars with concrete at this height. At the bottom comes first the concrete blinding and then the plinth walling.

Now we want to fill the earth back in and make it compatible!

Regarding the kitchen area, you can easily spot the progress: The walls are bricked and the ring beam was poured and cast with concrete. That has to harden now for a couple of days and then we'll go on with the roof.

Week 3:

Best crew in week 3: This past week has been all about preparing for the concrete slab at our main construction site. The foundation has been compacted with both the soil as well as stones so it‘s ready for the iron mesh to be put on top.

The last step will be pouring the concrete slab within this week.

In the meantime, we also started on the preliminary work for our sanitary facilities

Week 4:

We casted the concrete for our ground floor slap which is now setting. Also we installed our power line. Afterwards we fooled around in our water tanks!

Week 5:

Our team grew bigger again!

The walling on the main building started and is almost finished so that the outlines of these rooms are already visible.

In the meantime, the roofing on the kitchen block has also started and our dog Peperoni finally moved in.

Week 6:

Happy to introduce the construction supervision team- our engineer Bonney, board members Lukas, Vicky and Sophie as well as project coordinator Mike.

This past week, the walling on the ground level got finished  and we are now waiting for them to dry completely so the colums can be casted!

Also, the roofing on the kitchen is now complete.

Week 7:

Casting of the columns complete!

All our 24 supporting columns are now casted and first need to dry completely so we can get started on our first floor.

This gives us a couple of days to just sit down and enjoy the view of our site!

Week 8 & 9:

The past two weeks, it was all about preparing for the first floor! First, we removed the formwork on the columns and after that, started to set up the wooden poles to support the slab that will be casted soon. Fun Fact: each of the rooms will have around 45 eucalyptus poles supporting the slab.

Week 10:

After all rooms had been equipped with the eucalyptus poles, the formwork could be started. We are almost finished with that, too. Also the iron works could start which will provide additional stability. Soon, we can continue with the concrete work!

Week 11:

 We were able to finish the woodwork and lay the foil. Also the ductwork was done by the electrician. The maxpans were brought up and at the same time, we took care of the iron works.

Week 12:

The slab is casted! We‘re ready for christmas break as the concrete has to set for some time before resuming work.

Christmas party:

We had a suprise visit from Santa Claus while celebrating our christmas party and the success of this past year.

We celebrated by having an amazing lunch with our workers and surprising them with our matching Kisoboka shirts.   

The whole team of Kisoboka wishes you and your families a very merry christmas season and a great start into the new year as we are also taking a break to spend time with our loved ones. We are very happy and thankful for all your donations, endless support and for simply believing in us- it really is possible! So please spread love & kindness this season.


Week 13:

We‘re back & standing on our first floor! Week 13 of construction has been all about setting and building the walls for the first floor. As you can see, we are all more than happy to be back on site and to be working again.

Week 14:

In week 14 we almost finished putting up the walls on the first floor. It‘s crazy to think that just some weeks ago, we started with the construction. Seeing the progress just encourages us more and more every day to give our all at construction.

Week 15:

As we‘re finished with building the walls on the first floor, we started with preparations to cast the columns.
In the meantime, we removed all the wooden poles on the ground floor as the slab is now completely dry and does not need any further support.

Week 16:

We‘re done with casting the columns on the top floor! All we needed for that was strength and good company.

Week 17:

Last week, we've started the construction of our dwell. We digged almost 40 meters until we reached the groundwater level. At the same time our team started removing the formwork of the columns and also building the splash apron.

Week 18:

Can you believe we are in week 18 of building?  And now, we are already starting the prep work for the construction of the ceiling: installing lots of iron for stability, casting another layer of support for the watertanks and lots more!

Week 19:

Enjoy the view from upstairs! In week 19, we worked on finishing the ring beams in order to prepare for our ceiling construction as well as the supportive slab for our water tanks .

Week 20:

This past week, we not only welcomed parts of our Kisobokas from Germany, but also started with the preparation for the electronic work in the house. This included planning where we want our power outlets.

Week 21:

Kisoboka - it is possible! Times like the ones we are currently facing should remind us to always stick together as a team. Times get hard and uncertain, but we are O N E. Together, everything is possible. So here in Uganda, we still stick together.

Week 22:

In this week of construction, Covid-19 has now officially reached Uganda. At this point, we are grateful that we are still able to keep the work up. Nevertheless, we now also follow stricter health and safety measures, like washing our hands regularly and avoiding any physical contacts.

In the past week, we began with the wooden roof construction. At the same time, we started with plastering the walls in our kitchen building.

We’re all in this together! Stay safe & healthy!

Week 23:

It is with a heavy heart that we have to tell you that by decision of last nights press conference, Uganda is in a total lockdown. We can not keep the construction going as we all want to #flattenthecurve and of course follow national measurements to prevent further spread!

We, the board of Kisoboka, want to take this moment to say thank you to our incredible team and to all our supporters through the last months.

We hope to get back on the site as soon as the situation gets better.

Until then: stay safe, healthy and take your responsibility on not spreading this virus.

Webale nyo 🖤

Week 24: 26th May

WE ARE BACK! After two months in lockdown, today was our first day back on site and we could not be HAPPIER. Finally, our team is back together and we can start roofing!

Week 24: Extended version

Progress is being made! After we were able to resume work last week, our team gave it their all to finish roofing the main building. In the mean time, the kitchen building got plastered too.

Week 25:

The past week was all about plastering the walls on our ground floor. As you can see, we‘ve made great progress and we can already imagine how nice our rooms will look.

Week 26 & 27:

Halfway into this crazy year 2020, we just want to share how happy and grateful we are to work with such an amazing team. Every day, these guys give it their all on the construction site. We appreciate all the hard work and are thankful for the memories we are making together.
Last week, we worked on door and window framing on the ground floor and continued to plaster the walls. We are so happy with the progress we are making every week.

Week 28:

And so it continues ...we made it to the first floor! All window frames on the ground floor are plastered so we could move to the first floor where we are now casting the ceiling.

Week 29:

Lukas is learning from the best teachers: over the past months, he is constantly being trained by our workers to help and support them. Currently we are plastering the walls on the first floor. Lukas really enjoys being part of the team and getting involved. But he leaves it to the professionals to do the finishing touches so everything looks perfect.

Week 30:

There’s always time for some fun- don‘t take yourself too seriously! While we continue plastering the walls on the first floor, we make sure to enjoy a good laughter during our breaks.

Week 31:

300 days ago, our team started with the construction of our kindergarten. We‘ve come a long way- from foundations to walls to ceilings to electricity. Celebrating christmas together, having sleepovers at the site and playing football. Excited to work together for the remaining construction & make more memories. This is truly what you call team spirit!

Week 32:

We absolutely love seeing the weekly progress!

Within the last week, a lot has happened: All walls on the first floor are now plastered and we got started on door and window frames. We can already start to imagine what all the rooms will look like one day.

Week 33:

Balancing work & free time  - We started with the scaffold on the outside of the building by putting up eucalyptus poles all around. This means we will be plastering the outside walls very soon! So exciting!

At the same time, we make sure to keep a healthy balance with our free time in the evenings- being silly together and playing football  is always a good choice.

Week 34:

Swipe  to see us in action and follow the progress of last week: Plastering of the outside walls is in full swing. We love how everything is coming together. In the meantime, some plumbing work started on the inside.

Week 35:

Time for some water fun! Taking our breaks from plastering the outside walls to sit in our water tanks!

A much needed cooling down in the heat.

Week 36:

Keep on going ! While we are still plastering the outside walls, we make sure to use a special waterproof cement for the lower parts of the building. And as always: teamwork makes the dream work!

Week 37:

This team right here just finished plastering the outside walls! On our first and ground floor, you can see that they made great progress with the floor screed as well. We are super excited to start with our terrazzo floor very soon!

Week 38:

It‘s getting serious - look at what we got done last week!
Everything is prepared for the floor to go in this week.
You can also see the progress in our kitchen building: we also started with the screed and built the counter tops. We can already imagine how we are cooking in there, looking through the window into the garden.

Week 39: 1 year since the start!

365 days ago, we started this crazy journey.

When we broke ground on this day last year, we could only imagine where this construction of our kindergarten would take us.

365 days of hard work, in the burning sun and in pouring rain. 365 days of work, even if we didn‘t feel like it. 365 days of work, being proud of what we are creating. 365 days of committing to a brighter future for Ugandan children.

When we started our organization and the construction of this kindergarten, we knew it would be mentally & physically challenging to have this kind of responsibility. But we love every second of it, as we are seeing our visions come more and more to life every day. The thought of opening our doors to the first class next year is what keeps us motivated.


We are beyond grateful for our team in Uganda, in Germany for all our supporters & sponsors that follow us through this journey.


Kisoboka means it is possible - and it truly is ❤️

Week 40:

In the past week, we finished all works around the entryway of the kindergarten. We now have it roofed.

On the inside, we finished all the preliminary work on the floors, so that our terrazzo floor can go in next!

Exciting times are coming!

Week 41:

Our floor is going in! Last week, our team started to put in our terrazzo floor. This is a mixture of different natural stones, to make sure our floors are super stable and will last a lifetime!
The wet mixture has to be processed with a roller until everything is settled.
Our first floor and parts of the ground floor are already rolles out!
On the outside of our building, our team started excavating the space for the septic tank as well

Week 42:

Last week's update! We've been progressing with the terrazzo and have been finishing it on all floors (kitchen area as well). Also, the team has started to work on the splash apron for the terrazzo. It's just so rewarding to see how everything is taking shape!

Woche 43:

This might look super dusty and a little wild right now, but trust us: all the grinding on our terrazzo floors is gonna be worth it! Once it‘s finished, it will shine  and you can see all its beautiful stones!

Same with us: even tho, sometimes work is hard and we get covered in dust, there is always a reason to smile.

Week 44:

Last week‘s steps:

We successfully put on the priming coat on both the main building as well as the kitchen building! Now, the walls are perfectly prepared for the final paint which we are currently deciding on the color! So exciting!

On the inside, the grinding of the terrazzo is still going on.

In the bathrooms, our team got started on tile laying- white tiles on the walls and a beautiful blue tile on the floor. We can‘t wait to see the bathrooms all done!

Week 45:

By now, our pictures of the progress really speak for themselves: our bathrooms start to look like actual bathrooms as the tiling is almost done!
We also cannot wait to enjoy the beautiful view of Uganda‘s nature right off our balcony- have a look at the pictures to see it yourself!

Week 46:

Everybody‘s at work! Windows & door frames are going in, walls are being painted  & our kitchen block is almost finished!

As you can see, we really are within the finishing touches of the construction!

Week 47:

What a team - a total dream!

These guys have been giving it their all, especially the last couple of weeks! Everday, they work so hard to make our kindergarten happen!

Now that we are getting so close to being finished, we cannot believe all the work and sweat we put into this. But seeing the kindergarten coming together more and more each day makes us so proud!

Walls are being painted to bring some colors and liveliness into the rooms. We cannot control our excitement for the day we are completely finished.

Week 48:

Final spurt !

Paving the parking lot & our walkways.

Fitting our wooden doors  inside the kindergarten  & our metal windows.

Installing the solar panels to be more sustainable and use our own generated power with the help of the Ugandan Sun hours. Fun fact: there’s an average of 200 hours of sunshine every month!

These are really the finishing touches to our construction.

Week 49:

Come on in and have a look at our beautiful doors!

Finishing touches to the kindergarten are being made: fitting doors & windows, touching up paint and paving our walkway.

Only a couple more weeks to go & we are finished with the construction!

Week 50:

Today, we‘ll mostly let those pictures speak for themselves. Final work and we are on the final spurt before the well deserved christmas break.

But: have a look at those tiny hand wash bassins for our baby class.

Week 51:

We‘re saying bye bye to Uganda for this year!

Even though 2020 was a struggle for all of us, Kisoboka is so proud of all the progress that was made this year.

Our kindergarten is painted, windows & doors are in, we have our own solar power and so much more. We are beyong grateful for our ingeneer Bonney, the whole team of Ugandan men working so hard to make our dreams💭 come true and for our first chairman Lukas, who supervised the whole construction. It is now time to go into our well deserved christmas break to spend with our loved ones.

If 2020 taught us anything, it is to always believe in our dreams and visions- it truly is possible to make it all come true.

2021, we are coming back stronger as ever and we are SO ready to fill these rooms with love, laughter and welcome our first class of children.

Thank you all for your on-going trust in our NGO‘s work, your support and to all donators and helping hands.