Our construction project: a kindergarten on our land

We are planning our own project in Uganda:

After the completion of the process of buying land in november 2017, we fenced the whole property with a massive perimeter wall. Our property is located  in Wakiso District and in the surrounding land of Kasanje (approx. 30 minutes from Entebbe). It has the size of around 6500m². We are planning to start the construction of our kindergarten in 2019.


We would like to ask all our donaters to keep on supporting us on this new and exciting path. Once established, our project will guarantee immediate help for orphans and vulnerable children!

Education is key

Only 1 in 10 children attends a kindergarten in Uganda (NPA, Pre-primary and Primary Education in Uganda: Access, Cost, Quality and Relevance, 2015)!

Since early childhood development is crucial for their unfolding of character, we want to give these kids an early access to education. 

Our main goal

Our kindergarten shall support the children in their earliest stages of development (esp. cognitive and motoric skills).