Kikaya House

April 2017:

We decided to support the Kikaya House (a children`s home) for the period of transition until we start our own project.

We already know Tonny, the founder of this project, for a while and that`s how we got in touch. Kikaya House provides a safe home for orphans and vulnerable children. Our organisations share the same goals and that is the reason for our decision.

Fish farming (April 2017)

In April 2017, we bought 11.000 tilapia to support the fish farming of the Kikaya House. It is supposed to serve as additional source of income for the project.

The project "shallow well" (June 2017)

Water supply is a big and problematic issues in Uganda, especially in rural areas like Buwaya. Thus, our friends from Kikaya House have constructed a shallow well with our support which is gonna be highly important particularly in the drought season.

The project "chicken farm" (August 2017)

We supported the construction of a chicken farm. After it was built, the chicken could finally move in.

This will help Kikaya House to become more self-sustained!