Thank you!

September 2019:

We're always really touched when the restaurant Johann-Adams-Mühle and the "uncle" donate their heavy tip box to us! Thank you for this support!

Construction has started!


As of today, the construction of our Kindergarten has started! We cannot wait to see the pogress on our construction site in the next months and will happily share the steps with you! Find out more in "Our kindergarten"!

Coverage UgandArt

September 2019:

Tholeyer Nachrichten, issue 36/2019, p.27

Vernissage UgandArt on September 1

September 2019:

Our Vernissage made us very happy! Thank you so much for coming around and the lovely conversations. It's awesome to see how many objects we've sold already yesterday! We're looking forward to the next 4 Sundays. Thank you to all involved artists for their initative and their donated objects! Our mayor opened the Vernissage and David Bokumabi entertained the crowd with his powerful music.

New section: Our partners

August 2019:

We added a new section "Our partners" which will inform you about our ongoing cooperations.

We are so happy about the support from the two foundations!

Fun fair in Hasborn

August 2019:

What a summer day! It was yesterday despite the heat great to offer our delicious cakes and coffee to you! Thanks to all who came and supported us! Thanks to all the cake bakers! Cake always tastes good!


Summer party in Tholey

August 2019:

We want to thank all the visitors that came to the "Schaumberg". Special thanks to our friends from the OGV Hasborn and company MK Multimedia for their help regarding equipment.

Glasses for Uganda!

July 2019:

We had the great opportunity to visit the WIAF-Brillenverwertungsstelle in St.Wendel together with Mrs. and Mr. Roos from the Gudd-Zweck UG and Dr. med. Andrea Werner-Hauth (Rotary Club Tholey-Bostalsee). It was a chance to get to know their important work, to present our own vision for Uganda and to come up with the decision to also distribute glasses in our Ugandan community.

Read more about it here:


72h action - Thank you

June 2019:

We would like to thank all the altar servers and young people from the Schaumberg, who collected a total of 360 Euro for our project within the scope of the 72h action of the BDKJ! The proceeds come from sales at the opening of the new meeting place on the Schaumberg, which the group has realized itself and another sale following a church service. We thank all involved children, adolescents and adults for their commitment and support!


Donation from kids

May 2019:

A story that makes our hearts dance! About 20 rattling children from Habach/Eppelborn have donated their collected money from 2 years of rattling. The children (some missing in the photo) are in kindergarten, elementary school or fifth grade (4 to 11 years old). The amount was increased by the Sportfreunde H1 (Astrid Diwersy)! We say THANK YOU for 760 €!

Project week & school festival

May 2019:

Throwback: At the school ‘Gems Eppelborn’ we have been talking about the country Uganda and our work there with students during their project week. At the school festival, Ugandan products were sold at this wonderfully creative Uganda booth! We thank you for your interest and your commitment!

Thanks for 5,000€

May 2019:

We thank the family and company Henkes for the generous donation of 5,000 € on the occasion of the death of Barbara Henkes.

Donation from Karate Dojo SHOSHIN Schaumberg e. V.

April 2019:

We are very happy about the 500€ donation from our local Karate club! At their last general meeting the decision was made to donate the profits from their past catamarathon to our NGO! Our chairman Lukas visited the club and informed about the social situation in Uganda and the planned kindergarten. We are very thankful for the local cooperation! Thank you very much for your trust!


Throwback Spring Market 2019...

April 2019:

Thanks to everyone who came to the market on this winterlike day and made sure our day could turn out that successful! We sold a lot of beautiful Ugandan crafts as well as our yummy panini and gained a lot of donations and had wonderful conversations with interested peoople. Big thanks to all the Kisobokas that have been helping and to the organisers of the market! We are especially touched by the effort of Josef Haupert who has been since the very beginning selling products or did entertainment for kids on the market to donate his proceeds to us! THANK YOU!

New article in Saarbrücker Zeitung

March 2019:

We are happy about the latest article in our regional newspaper!

Find the online version here:

proWIN Foundation donates 1000 €

March 2019:

We are really thankful and happy that the proWIN Foundation could support our construction with 1000 €.

Hairdressing salon Junker from Überroth donates 250 €

February 2019:

We'd like to send a big thank you to the hairdressing salon Junker in Überroth for their initative to support our organisation! During their Christmas campaign last year, they were able to collect 250 € for us! That really makes us happy!

Huge thanks to the Junge Union Neunkirchen/Nahe

February 2019:

We'd like to thank the Junge Union Neunkirchen/Nahe for their support and donation of 500€! As part of the cheque handover we also gave a speech in the community center in Neunkirchen/Nahe talking all about our experiences in Uganda, the realities of life there and of course our project.

Donation from tennis club

February 2019:

We are happy about the great initiative at the last Christmas party of our village tennis club. The raffle was organized in favor of our association Kisoboka and a donation check in the amount of 550 € could be handed over to us! Many many thanks!

First International Day of Education!

January 2019:

We`re having the First International Day of Education on 24th of January! The UN`s general assembly adopted a resolution back in December 2018 which agreed that 24th of January shall be dedicated to education from now on. The UN sends a strong message with this day, recognizing the fundamental role of education for peace and development! Education is not only a human right, but also a path to sustainable development! Education for all poses enormous challenges for us: education opens up a path out of poverty into a promising future for children. BUT: Worldwide, 265 million children and adolescents do not attend school or do not graduate! Of these, more than 20% are in elementary school age! Poverty, discrimination, armed conflicts or the effects of climate change prevent their education.

Donation from KIZER

December 2018:

We are happy about the 750€ donation from KIZER Drinks as a result from their special sale deal in November: 5€ per bottle were donated to us!

Thank you!

Merry Christmas

We wish you glittery days with lots of love, extra warmth, gratitude and true relaxation! Because Christmas is only once a year! We`re also taking a little break!

NGO is done!

December 2018:

We are so happy that we managed to complete this big step! Our NGO is registration is successfully finished.

Cooperation with GemS Eppelborn

December 2018:

We have been at our partner school and have presented our work and vision to the teaching team! That was nice and we are looking forward to everything that comes! The school hosted a little Christmas Bazaar for the new fifth graders. They were selling Ugandan crafts like angels and stars, but also homemade Christmas cookies for our project. We simply love this spirit of togetherness. Children supporting children! Look how proud they are! Thank you so much!


(left picture: Deputy headmaster Mr. Sticher, teacher Mrs. Holz, Carina and Elisabeth)

Throwback church concert

December 2018:

Have a look at the pictures! We are thankful for all donations! It was a great event for us and the choir Ornament.

Christmas special from "Friseur Junker"

December 2018:

1 € per customer will be donated by them and the money goes to us and another project!

More info here:


Charity concert in church

December 2018:

Feature in SaarZeitung

November 2018:

We are happy to be presented!

Follow this link:


KIZER supports us: 15.-25.11.2018

November 2018:
KIZER – Alter Williams supports our work. To help us proceed with our project, they will donate 5€ for each sold bottle of KIZER – Alter Williams (15. to 25. November 2018)! We are thankful for this support!

GemS Eppelborn cooperates with us

November 2018:

The community school Eppelborn initiates a cooperation with our  organisation. As part of the cooperation, varios formats are planned in order to financially support us. These include for example the Advents bazaar, project days or sales campaign during breaks.

Here is the link to the school:

Martin pretzel school campaign

November 2018:

Our partner school, the Gemeinschaftsschule Eppelborn, did a Martin pretzel campaign on Friday for our purposes! THANK YOU! We're gonna tell you soon more about our cooperation with the school...

Three times thank you

September 2018:

First, we would like to thank the restaurant Johann-Adams-Mühle for the collected tip. Second, our thanks go to the Edeka market in Hasborn for the food donation some time ago on the occasion of the summer festival on the Schaumberg. The third thank you goes to the Euronics market in Lebach for the camera donation!

Lovely cake and coffee afternoon

August 2018:

We would like to thank all those who have come to the Family Day on 28.08.2018 in the tent. For us it was a great and successful event and we were happy that we could all sell our cakes! Thanks also to all who have baked cakes for us! Thanks to the clubs and individuals who helped us out with equipment and knowledge!

Having fun selling our wraps...

August 2018:

It was a really hot summer day when we were selling our wraps at the "Sommerfest" in Tholey. We want to thank all our members for their contribution and support and all the hungry people who came to enjoy our wraps!


We were at for a live talk!

July 2018:

On the 20th of July we had the chance to attend a live talk at We gave some insights into our work and the next steps. The video is available online here:

We were at Radio Salü

July 2018:

We had the opportunity to speak with Klaus Dittrich at Radio Salü and were thus able to focus our attention on our project. Our donation appeal went to all Saarlanders with the request to support us!

3.500€ from school in Lebach

June 2018:

The Nikolaus-Groß-Schule in Lebach has donated this generous amount! We are really happy and thankful for this donation!

Lukas with the management of the school
Lukas with the management of the school

Throwback Moonlight Market

May 2018:

We enjoyed a great time at the Moonlight Market and the weather was lovely too.

About the Spring Market

April 2018:

Thanks to everyone who came to the market on this sunny day and made sure our day could turn out that successful! We sold a lot of beautiful Ugandan crafts as well as our yummy wraps and gained a lot of donations. Big thanks to all the "Kisobokas" that have been helping!

We are part of the Spring Market again!

March 2018:

We were at the radio!

March 2018:

We were at the radio SR3 Saarlandwelle! If you missed it, feel free to click on the linke below to listen to it and read the belonging content!

Big thanks for donations!

March 2018:

We want to give a big thank you to the company Electro Jäckel for their ongoing support. Also, we are thankful for all the people that donated in the last couple of weeks! We will only make it all together, so let`s keep working on it to make the dream of the kindergarten come true!

City Journal reports about us

February 2018:

City journal VIP's St.Wendel covers us and our plans in their latest issue!

Follow this link:

Thank you for the contribution!

February 2018:

It can go on like this! We want to thank the companies Himaco GmbH and Alfons Henkes Parkett for their contribution to our project! Be part of it!

Thank you, Volcano e.V.!

January 2018:

We want to give thanks to the organisation Volcano e.V. for their generous donation!


Help us raising more donations to make the dream of our own project come true!

Our account details:

IBAN: DE14 5925 1020 0120 2700 53



Thanks for donations!

January 2018:

We are thankful for the generous donations that we received by the bakery Conrad and the company Elektro Jäckel! Thanks for your continuing support!