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December 2017:

Newspaper article from 22.12.2017

December 2017:

Our Event and News from Uganda

December 2017:

Event from 17.12.: It was a really nice day for us and to look back together with you on the year 2017! Singer/Songwriter Mike was there for the musical performance!

News from Uganda: We bought land! The last couple of months have been really exciting because we have been working on the process of buying land! We already built a perimeter wall around it!

More soon!

Accouncement for our yearly event

November 2017:

We are turning "3" and will be happy to see you at our event on 17th of december!

News from Uganda

August 2017:

We are supporting the current construction of a chicken farm at Kikaya House!

Thank you for 1063,66€ from collecte in May

July 2017:

We are really thankful for the forwarding of the collecte that was accumulated at the open air church service held at the Schaumberg on 25.05.2017. Our thanks go to "Kirchengemeinde am Schaumberg" and all the people that donated this day!

News from Uganda

June 2017:

Have a look at the newest developments at Kikaya House which have been made possible by our transition support:


May 2017:

There is new information on the current state of affairs since we are back from Uganda. Find this in the section "Our project from 2017".


What is going on in Uganda...

April 2017:

We've been in Fort Portal (6 hours from Entebbe) last week for two reasons! To meet more project coordinators, and we've also been looking at available land in the outside districts.

What a lovely Spring Market...

April 2017:

The weather was perfect and we had sunshine the whole day! We had a great time selling Ugandan crafts at this year`s Spring Market! Thanks to the organizers and all the people who contributed with buying and donating!

Special thanks go to Sepp Haupert for his personal commitment for our organization at the Market!

Hello Uganda!

April 2017:

Back in Uganda! We`re now seeing projects to push on with our own project. Together with our friend Tonny, we visited the Kikaya House. Very inspiring work!

Find us at the Spring Market

March / April 2017:

See you again at the Spring Market!

Expression of thanks for the donation in the name of Alfons Henkes

February / March 2017:

We are really touched and thankful that Mr. Henkes had our organization in mind when he was requesting for donations instead of flowers on occasion of his funeral.

In accordance with the wishes of Mr. Henkes, the donated amount will be used for the support of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.

Season's Greetings...

Christmas 2016:

Thank you to Helga Bernhard & Jürgen Mai in cooperation with the picture club Schaumberg/Nahe and to Bakery Conrad

December 2016:

We are happy and thankful for the donated money that was collected on occasion of the audiovision evening in November! Thank you also to Mr. Büttner who raised money due to his birthday and also donated to us!

Additionally, we are thankful for the anew donation that was given by the Bakery Conrad from Thalexweiler and for all the private donators!

2-years-Kisoboka celebration

December 2016:

We had a really nice time when we came together to celebrate 2 years of "Kisoboka e.V."! After a little concert by the children choir, we began to highlight the major developments of the year 2016 and also gave an outlook to the future!

Thanks for being with us!

Christmas Market with Kisoboka

December 2016:

Come and visit us at the Christmas Market in Lebach on the 10th and 11th of December! We are gonna sell Ugandan crafts and christmas nom noms!

Reorganization of Kisoboka e.V.

Reorganization of Kisoboka e.V.
We are gonna set up our own project in Uganda! Find out more in our press release!
Press release Kisoboka_19.11.2016.pdf
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Kisoboka e.V. turns 2

November 2016:


Invitation to our celebration

We are looking back to the second year and we will meet for this occassion on Sunday, 4th of december 2016 at 5pm in Tholey (Im Kloster 1, 66636 Tholey).


Highlight: Children and Youth Choir „Die Jungen VielHarmoniker"


Free Entrance!

Finally back in Uganda ♥

September 2016:

We are sending lots of love and greetings from the whole school to all supporters in Germany and elsewhere! On the 26th, the new school term has started and the children are busy and happy with learning again!

We are gonna keep you updated about our ongoing projects this time!

Medical checkup for our children

August 2016:

We are so thankful that our friends of Malayaka House enabled the children from GS to get a free medical checkup at the school.

Volunteering dentists and ophthalmologists from Spain have been in Uganda again to provide health services to Ugandan children in Entebbe free of charge.

It is so wonderful that the physicians also dropped by at GS to examine our kids. Soon, there are gonna be glasses for the ones with sight defects and also some of our children will be further treated at denstist centers in Entebbe.

Thank you so much for your commitment and support!


Enjoy the pictures!

The children are so sporty!

August 2016:

It is so great to see that the kids are keeping up with exercising in Entebbe! The boys have been playing with a lot of motivation at the football cup!

Right on!!!

Boost for our teaching staff!

July 2016:

We are really happy that Dorcus Ahimbisibwe joined our teaching staff! She teaches the lower classes and puts her positive spirit in every lesson.

Sports are so much fun!

June 2016:

The sportswear has been proved as one of the best achievements for the school! The students love it and sporty activities find their way much easier in the daily school routine! These pictures make us happy!

Keep it up!

News from Uganda

June 2016:

On the 6th of June the new school term has begun. We are more than happy as the children return to school and the teaching continues!


Greetings from the children and the whole teaching staff to all our supporters!

News from Uganda

May 2016:

The students are looking forward to their holidays beginning from the end of the week! Also, the elder students took their end-of-the-term-exams last week already... The sportswear has been in use again as you can see down there - during a football match between Good Samaritan and the neighboring primary school Calvary Chapel! 


Warm greetings from Uganda to all supporters in Germany and to the rest of the world!


Come to see Kisoboka on the Spring Market

April 2016:

For the second time, Kisoboka Organization will take part at the "Spring Market" in Dörsdorf to sell Ugandan crafts!

3 more weeks and we are back in Uganda!

February 2016:

We are so excited to be back in Entebbe in 3 weeks and to see the children and friends again!

This time, we are planning to renovate the school: painting from the inside and the outside and also to organise new furniture for the children`s sleeping room (including new mattresses.

And we will also bring with us a set of sports clothing for every child!

Thank you! Donation of 379€

January 2016:

Helga Berhard and Jürgen Mai held a talk about their trip to southern Sweden. They donated the collected amount of money from this event to Kisoboka e.V.! We are really happy about this, also because it is already the second time!

For more information:


Thank you for this nice idea!

January 2016:

Great campaign from!
We'll get 1€ sales revenue for the really nice self designed shirts (!