Bakery Conrad donates 500,-€!Thank you

December 2015:

The bakery Conrad (siblings Gabriele and Uwe Conrad) has donated for the second time for our project! We are so thankful for this!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas 2015:

Throwback "One Year Kisoboka" celebration and Christmas Market

Photographer: Eric Hülsberg
Photographer: Eric Hülsberg

Our birthday celebration at the 6th of december in Tholey was really amazing!

We've been impressed that so many interested people came to see what happened in the first year of Kisoboka. Thanks to our special guest Joaquina Siquice-Rawe for making it possible to transport a bit of the African spirit with the magic of music to Tholey. When all people sang together "Jambo Bwana" and one group played the drums, you felt far away - like in Africa.

After that we started with the "offical" part of the evening by presenting many pictures and videos from Entebbe to show the people what Kisoboka achieved in his first year as organization. Thanks to all the people who made this evening so special!


One week later we took part at the christmas market in Lebach. Besides the handmade crafts we brought with us from Uganda we also offered our year calender for 2016 and selfmade dainties. It was a really nice and successful weekend for us!


Have a look at the picture gallery from our birthday event and from the christmas market!

Christmas Market in Lebach

December 2015:

Come and join us at the Christmas Market in Lebach! You will find ugandan crafts, the lovely new year calender for 2016 and Christmas treats!

What a great benefit concert!

November 2015:

The benefit concert turned out to be a real success for the organizers and the involved projects! On the 8th of november, the cheques have been handed out to the three projects in the local community! Kisoboka Organization is so happy and thankful for people`s willigness to donate money!

(provided by the editor Melanie Mai)
(provided by the editor Melanie Mai)

Year calender for 2016

November 2015:

An exciting first year is about to end and we are happy to announce our new year calenders for 2016 (A4, price: 13€) which just came out of the print! It is a limited edition with the greatest moments in Uganda with the children! If you are interested, send an email to

Save the date: Kisoboka celebrates first anniversary

We invite you at 5pm into the "Rathaussaal" in Tholey to share with us the experiences of our first year - this includes many stories, pictures and experiences!

We are looking forward seeing you there!

Benefit concert in Theley, 10.10.2015

October 2015:

The benefit concert is organized for three local charity organizations like the refugees aid, Kisoboka Organization and Hilfe direkt. You can enojoy a modern concert in the church in Theley starting from 8:00 pm. Different artists will play besides a special band: Oku, Drehmoment, Steffen Jung, Die Nimmermüden, Chor Atemzug, Anjuli Mendis, Christian Stoll, Tim Krämer, Lukas Bleymehl.

Entrance: Free/ Donations

Flyer is provided by the organizer
Flyer is provided by the organizer

Group of confirmees: Have a cake and donate

September 2015:

We are really thankful for the group of confirmees that organized the selling of cakes for a donation after the church on Sunday.

This is a great commitment!!!

The pictures were made available by the group of confirmees
The pictures were made available by the group of confirmees

The countdown for Uganda is running...

August 2015:

Only 23 days until we are finally back in Uganda! We are so excited to see the children again!
Certainly we will take along with us many donations from Germany and we thank all the lovely people that have been supporting us and to all those who recently donated!

We still would need clothes for children from age 4 up to 12.

Lovely greetings from Entebbe

July 2015:

Parish association "Kirche am Schaumberg" donates 1000,-€

July 2015:

Kisoboka organization is really happy, that the parish association wants to support our project in Uganda! It is a great feeling to sensitize local institutions for Good Samaritan.

Thank you for the donation!

Globus Foundation supports Kisoboka

June 2015:

The St.Wendel based Globus foundation donates a great amount for new school uniforms at Good Samaritan school! THANK YOU!


We are super happy about this involvement and cannot wait to introduce the uniforms in Uganda in September this year.

Kisoboka e.V. for interview at newspaper "Saarbrücker Zeitung"

June 2015:

Sophie and Lukas were at the office in St. Wendel to report to editor Evelyn Schneider Kisoboka`s engagement in Uganda.

Lovely greetings from Uganda!

June 2015:

It has been 2 weeks since the second school term has started for the students at GS and the school routine is set up as usually...

We are especially happy about the fact that the school has found a cook that will take care that lunch is prepared in time and that the youngest children get their breakfast porridge.

All the children and the team of the school want to say THANK YOU for the support through Kisoboka e.V. and they all send their greetings to Germany!

So happy about the bought nutrition!
So happy about the bought nutrition!
It is getting dark soon in Entebbbe...
It is getting dark soon in Entebbbe...

Interdenominational School/Middle School "Schaumberg" from Theley donates 1000,-€

May 2015:

A huge THANK YOU to the interdenominational school/middle school from Theley for their charitable donation! The board of Kisoboka e.V. gives thanks to the director of the school, Mr. Friedbert Becker, for the helpfulness of his school! The donated money originates from won competitions where the school successfully took part. 

Have a look at:

General information about the school:

Kisoboka e.V. on "spring market" to sell Ugandan crafts

April 2015:

Some impressions...

The official poster
The official poster

"THANKS" to Vivian (9 y) and her parents and all other donors

March 2015:

CHILDREN HELPING CHILDREN: 400€ and loom bracelets donated by one family 

Kisoboka e.V. has to give special thanks to the 9 year old Vivan  (from Frankfurt) who made more than 120 loom bracelets for our orphans at Good Samaritan! It will be really exciting to hand them over to the children!

Moreover, Vivian and her parents have been selling clothes and toys on flea markets and they donated the proceesds of 400€ to Kisoboka e.V.! The family has also donated many packages of crayons and pencils!


A big THANKS must go to the elder lady from Tholey for the donation of a suitcase

Our appeal in the "Tholeyer Nachrichten" (local gazette) has motivated so many people that wanted to donor a suitcase to our organization! Kisoboka felt so supported! 


Another big THANKS must go to all other donators

Kisoboka e.V. gives thanks to all the other involved contributors that gave donations and donations in kind like balls, toys, clothes or also writing materials and pencils!

Vivian and her handmade loom bracelets
Vivian and her handmade loom bracelets

BILD-Newspaper article from 23.02.2015

23rd February:

The German newspaper "BILD" placed an article about Kisoboka e.V. and made clear how the idea to build the organization came up after Sophie and Lukas had been in Uganda last year.

Look what is going on in Uganda!

February 2015:

We are really happy that our first monthly financial means made it to Entebbe!

With this money, nourishments for the orphans like e.g. 100kg posho could have been bought. Also the teachers` salaries for Mrs. Namakula and Project coordinator/teacher Mike were included in it.

School life is going well - we have got some new pictures from the P4-P7 classes!

        Mrs. Namakula and Mike are happy

              Having fun while studying...

Thank you for 300€, Günther Haas!

February 2015:

We are so happy about the donation of 300€ that has been made by Günther Haas, the tenant of the restaurant "Johann-Adams-Mühle" in Theley!

Check out their homepage:

Kisoboka receives donation of 786€

January 2015:

Helga Bernhard and Jürgen Mai have asked for donations for Kisoboka e.V. instead of any fees while they showed their presentation about their Iseland trip.

We are so happy for their contribution and to receive 786€!

Find us on betterplace

January 2015:

You can find our project now on

Follow this link:

Big Thank You to "Aden Hallensysteme GmbH" for 2.500€

December 2014: Kisoboka is so happy about this great donation from this local company. Check out their homepage: !


We are happy and thankful for your support!

Uganda, we are coming back soon!

December 2014:

Sophie & Lukas will return end of march 2015 to Uganda!

Newspaper article about Kisoboka

18th of december 2014:

Our local newspaper "Saarbrücker Zeitung" made an interview with Sophie & Lukas about their experiences in Uganda and their future plans with the newly founded Kisoboka association.

 Bakery Conrad donates 500 € 

Our first talk in the council chamber of Tholey

23rd of november 2014

Invitation to our first talk