Three times thank you

September 2018:

First, we would like to thank the restaurant Johann-Adams-Mühle for the collected tip. Second, our thanks go to the Edeka market in Hasborn for the food donation some time ago on the occasion of the summer festival on the Schaumberg. The third thank you goes to the Euronics market in Lebach for the camera donation!

Lovely cake and coffee afternoon

August 2018:

We would like to thank all those who have come to the Family Day on 28.08.2018 in the tent. For us it was a great and successful event and we were happy that we could all sell our cakes! Thanks also to all who have baked cakes for us! Thanks to the clubs and individuals who helped us out with equipment and knowledge!

Having fun selling our wraps...

August 2018:

It was a really hot summer day when we were selling our wraps at the "Sommerfest" in Tholey. We want to thank all our members for their contribution and support and all the hungry people who came to enjoy our wraps!


We were at for a live talk!

July 2018:

On the 20th of July we had the chance to attend a live talk at We gave some insights into our work and the next steps. The video is available online here:

We were at Radio Salü

July 2018:

We had the opportunity to speak with Klaus Dittrich at Radio Salü and were thus able to focus our attention on our project. Our donation appeal went to all Saarlanders with the request to support us!

3.500€ from school in Lebach

June 2018:

The Nikolaus-Groß-Schule in Lebach has donated this generous amount! We are really happy and thankful for this donation!

Lukas with the management of the school
Lukas with the management of the school

Throwback Moonlight Market

May 2018:

We enjoyed a great time at the Moonlight Market and the weather was lovely too.

About the Spring Market

April 2018:

Thanks to everyone who came to the market on this sunny day and made sure our day could turn out that successful! We sold a lot of beautiful Ugandan crafts as well as our yummy wraps and gained a lot of donations. Big thanks to all the "Kisobokas" that have been helping!

We are part of the Spring Market again!

March 2018:

We were at the radio!

March 2018:

We were at the radio SR3 Saarlandwelle! If you missed it, feel free to click on the linke below to listen to it and read the belonging content!

Big thanks for donations!

March 2018:

We want to give a big thank you to the company Electro Jäckel for their ongoing support. Also, we are thankful for all the people that donated in the last couple of weeks! We will only make it all together, so let`s keep working on it to make the dream of the kindergarten come true!

City Journal reports about us

February 2018:

City journal VIP's St.Wendel covers us and our plans in their latest issue!

Follow this link:

Thank you for the contribution!

February 2018:

It can go on like this! We want to thank the companies Himaco GmbH and Alfons Henkes Parkett for their contribution to our project! Be part of it!

Thank you, Volcano e.V.!

January 2018:

We want to give thanks to the organisation Volcano e.V. for their generous donation!


Help us raising more donations to make the dream of our own project come true!

Our account details:

IBAN: DE14 5925 1020 0120 2700 53



Thanks for donations!

January 2018:

We are thankful for the generous donations that we received by the bakery Conrad and the company Elektro Jäckel! Thanks for your continuing support!