Our team

June 2022:

 Meet the team!

Our kindergarten has been open for a bit over 3 months now and we are more than happy with our team - individually they are all having an impact on the daily work at the kindergarten.


The team includes Lukas, Doreen and Josephine as our tutors and mentors. We have Emma and Alan who take care of all matters 🪴 and security. Our cook Noel making sure everyone’s bellies are full and happy. And Josephine, who takes care of the overall state of the buildings and housekeeping.

Opening 21.02.

This is for all of you who believed in our project
- who supported us
- gave their advice or raised their voices.
Thank you.
Opening Day of Kisoboka International Education Center

Opening day

February 2022:

WE ARE READY TO OPEN - After many months of uncertainty, we are officially set to open our education center on the 21st of February! Take a look at those pictures - and welcome our first class of children. In the past weeks, they‘ve come to visit our kindergarten with their families. Everyone is more than excited to start this new journey.

Thank you for supporting us in 2021!

January 2022:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individual donors, the Hasborn local history society, the municipality Tholey and the companies such as Electro Jäckel, Bäckerei Conrad, Parkett Henkes as well as the organising team and all the runners of the solidarity run for their support in 2021!

Result Solilauf 2021

December 2021:

Christmas came early this year!

We are overly excited & proud to announce that this years charity run Solilauf St.Ingbert collected a total of 33.600€ for Kisoboka e.V.

With this money, we can start building a beautiful outdoor area for our children to play, discover & learn. Stay tuned for updates on this matter.


Despite the challenges we are facing worldwide, over 1000 runners & donors made this possible. We cannot express enough gratitude for this AMAZING result. Thank you thank you thank you!

St.Ingerberter Anzeiger: Solilauf result

Donation of the Catholic Women's Community

November 2021:

We would like to thank the catholic women's community Hasborn-Dautweiler for the donation of 2.000€! A big thank you for your trust in our association!

Donation of 2000€ from the company Sentiotec

November 2021:

We are very happy to announce that the Austrian company Sentiotec has donated 2000€ and will refrain from giving bigger gifts to their customers this year! This is really great and we are very grateful!


Last weekend, our board members received a check over 2.000€ by @meinraum_atelier!
The local ceramic artist Susanne started a project for us by having 20 artists paint ceramic cups with motives inspired by their daily works in painting or photography.
The cups were auctioned in September and we are more than moved by the social engagement and the amazing outcome of this great project!
Thank you to Susanne and all the amazing artists as well as bidders and donors.
Art truly brings people together - in our case, for the children of Uganda

Kunstaktion 2021 - 03.09.-30.09.2021

With the idea of combining art and social commitment, a collection of unique pieces has been created since the beginning of the year and is now finally available to see and purchase. The artist Susanne Schäfer has persuaded 20 "artists", who work artistically both professionally and in their free time, to design individual mugs and they all make them available for a good cause. Through the different design possibilities of painting and photography, a series with great diversity and individuality has been created.

From 03.09.2021 to 30.09.2021, the cups can be admired in the entrance area of the Mia-Münster-Haus in St. Wendel (opening hours: https://bibliothek.sankt-wendel.de).

Up to and including 25.09.2021, everyone has the opportunity to place a bid for one or more cups. There is a minimum bid for each work of art; if there are several equal bids, the lottery will decide.

Enquiries and bids are welcome by e-mail to: meinraum-atelier@web.de

All proceeds of the auction will go to our association.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the initiator Susanne Schäfer and all the artists who made the campaign possible!

Virtual Solilauf 2021: 10.-12.September

Article for Solilauf in local newspaper - 08.09.2021

Thank you to year group 1933/1934

March 2021:

We would like to sincerely thank the Hasborn year group for their donation of 241€ from the remainder of their year group fund!

Thank you for your support!

January 2021:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of donations in favour of our association:

 - We would like to thank the company Elektro Jäckel for financing our solar system in Uganda and thus also for their many years of support!

- To the bakery Conrad, Parkett Henkes and the municipality of Tholey for their continuous support!

 - To the Kugel company from the Black Forest and the Bad und WellnessIdeen company from Hesse!

 - And to all the individual donors of the last weeks!

Newspaper article

January 2021:

Thank you for 2020!

December 2020:

Thank you for another year of support, help and trust in our NGO and our work in Uganda.

Thank you for your support in such a difficult year as 2020, still not losing sight of our vision and thinking of the future of Ugandan children.

Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement in difficult times of lockdown in Uganda, which always encouraged us as the board in our NGO‘s dreams.

A virtual hug 🫂 goes out to all supporters, donors and sponsors and of course to our members. We wish you all relaxing holidays and a good start into the new year. We look forward to 2021 with you!

Donation day of the Kreissparkasse St. Wendel on 06.12.2020

December 2020:

On St. Nicholas' Day, the Kreissparkasse St. Wendel is launching a special campaign on gut-fuer-saarlouis-und-st-wendel.de: On 6 December (from 0-24 hrs), the Kreissparkasse St. Wendel will add an extra amount to all individual donations for our project pages.


And this is how it works: Depending on the percentage of the total amount of donations our projects have contributed, we receive such a percentage from the Kreissparkasse's donation bag. The Kreissparkasse St. Wendel makes a total of 10,000 euros available!

betterplace advent wreath from 29.11. to 20.12.2020

November 2020:

On every Advent Sunday from 9 am until the end of the day, betterplace reinforcess every project donation on betterplace.org up to a maximum of 200 € with 10% of the donation amount.


Covid-support programm:Thank you!

September 2020:

We applied to the state government for the Covid-19-programme "Vereint helfen: Vereinshilfe Saarland" and received 1,500€.

Thank you for 333€

June 2020:

We are thankful for the donation from students from the Friedrich-Karcher school in Beckingen who donated revenue from their cake sales.

Solilauf 2020 cancelled

June 2020:

More Info: https://solilauf.org/

Thank you for the support!

June 2020:

We are always delighted when the Johann-Adams-Mühle and the "uncle" donate us their tip pig and we are allowed to deposit this great sum into our account! Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you for the donation!

May 2020:
We are very happy about the received donation of 200€ from hairdresser Junker in Überroth. The hairdressing team collected this amount on Carnival and only now was able to hand it over to us because of Corona. Thank you for your ongoing support!

We are back again

26th May:

WE ARE BACK! After two months in lockdown, today was our first day back on site and we could not be HAPPIER.

Donation from the Tennis Club Hasborn

April 2020:

Also this year we are very happy about the donation of our local tennis club Hasborn! In the course of their Christmas raffle in December, which was again organized for Kisoboka, a total of 600 € could be collected. We would like to thank the organizers and members of the tennis club for their continuous support and the trust they have placed in our project!

Thank you for donations

April 2020:

We would like to thank Josef Haupert very much for his commitment. He has made an effort to collect donations for us in the run-up to the benefit concert in Dörsdorf planned for 15.03. In this way a total of 1000€ was collected. We would like to thank all donors and Josef, who organized the concert and who has put his heart and soul into our work.

Covid-19 consequences

March 2020:

It is with a heavy heart that we have to tell you that by decision of last nights press conference, Uganda is in a total lockdown. We can not keep the construction going as we all want to #flattenthecurve and of course follow national measurements to prevent further spread!
We, the board of Kisoboka, want to take this moment to say thank you to our incredible team and to all our supporters through the last months.
We hope to get back on the site as soon as the situation gets better.
Until then: stay safe, healthy and take your responsibility on not spreading this virus.
Webale nyo 🖤

Thanks to THW Theley

March 2020:

We thank THW OV Theley for their support. The team gave us wonderful advice on which pump is suitable for our well in Uganda and their contacts made it much easier for us to obtain this submersible pump.
Here, you can see soe photos of the installation of the pump in Uganda!

Press release for Solilauf 2020 - 12. & 13. September

March 2020:

"Round and round for a better education"


Orgateam of Solilauf decides the kindergarten project in Uganda as a new aid project

The orgateam of the parish of St. Pirmin and St. Michael of the parish of St. Ingobertus has decided on a new aid project of the Solilauf: "Round by round for a better education! Kindergarten construction in Uganda - we make it possible", this is the motto and at the same time the call to do their rounds again on 12 and 13 September 2020 in the Mühlwaldstadion in St. Ingbert. The 15th Solilauf thus supports the project of the Saarland association KISOBOKA e. V., which is run on a purely voluntary basis and financed exclusively by donations.

In Uganda, nine out of ten children of the corresponding age never attend a pre-school education and care facility. As a result, considerable deficits develop in the areas of motoric, cognitive and social skills. In the kindergarten, orphans and disadvantaged children are to be prepared in the best possible way for their further stages of life and the foundation stone for their later development is to be laid. KISOBOKA e. V. wants to accompany children beyond the kindergarten period and ensure that they continue their development in the best possible way.

"We didn't make the decision easy for ourselves after we shortlisted some excellent projects," reports Gabi Strobel from the organization team. "All the more reason for us to now be able to make a significant contribution to kindergarten construction and thus to convey to children in Uganda, a poor country in the global south, that they are valuable and unique and deserve opportunities for the best possible development.

24 hours in a unique atmosphere

From Saturday, 12 September, 3 p.m., to Sunday, 13 September, 3 p.m., rounds can be made in daylight or floodlight. Once again, a unique atmosphere awaits the participants: whether wheelchair users, mothers with prams, walkers, marathon runners, kindergarten children or pensioners, whether fast or slow, young or old - everyone takes part according to their abilities.


An extensive supporting programme with an open-air service and music bands will make it easier to do the rounds. Food and drinks for runners and visitors are also provided for.


All detailed and current information, registration (from August) and donation cards can be found at www.solilauf.org .


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

Gabriele Strobel

Public Relations Solilauf

Phone: 0152/01925773


Presentation on 15.01. at Abenteuermusem Saar

January 2020:

In  our talk about Uganda, Carina and Viktoria Schäfer shared anecdotes, stories from our project work and the kindergarten construction, which has been running since autumn 2019, with a lot of love and great photos.


Location: BILDUNGSZENTRUM KIRKEL of the Saarland Chamber of Labour.

Date: 15.01.2020 at 7:00 pm


**** Due to the Covid pandemic, the following dates were cancelled****

Support from local community

January 2020:

Thanks to the Brühllerchen

January 2020:

We would like to thank the Brühllerchen very much for their donation. The group raised a total of € 3,000 at the two charity events in Hasborn and donated half of it to us! We were very pleased!

Thanks to the donation from Kizer

January 2020:

We would like to thank you for the donation that resulted from the sale of the schnapps bottles at the Christmas market in St.Wendel! Lovely that you have supported us again.


Charity concert

December 2019:

The Kisobokas and the Ornament choir wanna say THANK YOU! We're happy that many came and donated so much.

Distribution of 160 glasses in Uganda

November 2019:

A package filled with 160 glasses in different visual acuities has been sent from "Rotary-Hilfe-Tholey-Bostalsee e.V." and its cooperation partner Gudd-Zweck UG and the so-called WIAF glasses recycling center to our community Kasanje, where we build a kindergarten. To increase our support, we called for a gathering together with the resident community representative which invited everyone in need of glasses. Both old and young came by to get advice on which glasses are needed. Thus, in this successful distribution all glasses were given to our parishioners who were very grateful.


We have a car now in Uganda

October 2019:

We are very happy that we are mobile on our own because we have purchased our own car. It  was donated specifically for this purpose and we would like say thank you very much for that!

Donation on the occasion of bereavement

October 2019:

We would like say thanks for the donation in the name of the late Kurt Backes. His relatives have given us a part of the money donations on the occasion of his bereavement.