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News in CW 21

At the school Gems Eppelborn we will have the opportunity on the occasion of the project week to speak about the country Uganda with interested students. At the school festival, on the 25th of May, the school will also sell Ugandan products for us.

Also this week runs the 72 hour action of the BDKJ (German Catholic Youth Federation ) and a youth group from Theley is committed to our club and sets up a booth at the African Chapel at the Schaumberg and organizes a small sale on Sunday, 26.05.!

Thanks for 5,000€!

We thank the family and company Henkes for the generous donation of 5,000 € on the occasion of the death of Barbara Henkes.

Karate club donation!

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Spring Market fun!

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Who we are...

Kisoboka e.V. is a non-profit organisation that has been founded in November 2014 to provide a better future for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.


Our purpose is the long-term and integrated encouragement, education and care of orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. We want to emphasize particularly the improvement of their quality of living and living conditions together with educational learning.


Our organisation works selflessly and does not pursue own economical purposes.

Annual overview of finances

Dec. 2014 & 2015
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