Many ways to support us

There are so many ways how you can help us as individuals, as groups, as schools or as companies. Every effort counts and helps to reach our goals! Feel free to contact us directly:

We are pleased to provide you also with our flyer and our logo!


If you want to play an active role, here you go!



Donate monthly

If you want to support us frequently, set up a monthly amount via betterplace or go to you bank!

Get active!

Wanna sell cake at a school? Or selling clothes for a good cause? Or even a talk? A charity run? A charity concert? All great ideas!


Flyer & Ads

You have possibilities to distribute our flyer? Or even campaign for us?

Contact us here!



Charity shopping

The charity company Gooding helps you to do good easily: Support us with your purchases! Without additional costs!

Social Media

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Share and like our content to show your support!


Birthday collection

You have no wishes? Even better, start your own donation campaign for our purposes! Everybody will be happy this way!


You want to engage yourself for us in your own city? Great - get together with other interested people and get going!

For companies

If you are interested in sponsoring or a long-term cooperation, you are at the right spot!